5970 and 8800gt physx Help

Good Day to All,

I would like to ask if I can run a ATI HD 5970 with a 8800gt XFXalphadog edition as a dedicated physx card with an MSI 790GX-G65 with this PSU

System specs:
AMD IIx4 Phenom
2x2 kingston value ram
and the usual components
all stock
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  1. Only if:
    1. You use older nVidia drivers
    2. You use hacked nVidia drivers
    3. You use Windows 7's ability to have multiple display drivers
  2. You need to find the patch /hotfix to enable physx when using an ATI or non DX10+ as a master card. I will try this for my self at some point (hopefully next week or the week after.
  3. Heres a good read/guide
    You need to hook a monitor up to the nvidia card , for the nvidia control panel to show/you can use a extra monitor hanging around, make a dummy vga(shown), or if your monitor allows 2 inputs (most dells do) run the cable to that.
  4. Seems like a lot of trouble to me. Enabling PhysX in the few games that actually support it does not make a big difference. Especially if you have a primary card as powerful as yours.
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