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Hey All,

I've been building a system out of some old parts and encountering some difficulties with it loading into bios...

Intel Q6600 2.4ghz FSB 1066
ASRock P43DE3 LGA 775
Corsair DDR3 1600MHz 8-8-8-24

It turns on, thinks for a second, then dies abruptly. The CPU fan spins, HD powers on, everything seems to be working. I think the problem lies with a incompatibility between the CPU's FSB not matching the RAM. If I understand correctly, if I install DDR3 1066 temporarily and then change the multiplier I can speed up the FSB to match 1600 mhz and put back in the Corsair RAM.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The Ram should default down to slower speeds (like 1066). Have you tried resetting the CMOS?
  2. CMOS has been reset, and only using single stick of DDR3. Now it stays on for a minute, and then crashes. Everything seems fine, but runs no signal to monitor.

    Maybe bad board?

  3. It just posted, got it into setup, but then it crashed. I did it again, same thing. The power cuts out so suddenly, maybe it's a overheating problem?
  4. Sorry, I just check the temps, and the CPU went over 73 C very quickly. Installing new heatsink right now...
  5. That would do it. Be sure the CPU fan is spinning and that just enough thermal paste is used (about a grain of uncooked rice for a flat HSF).
  6. New HSF is in, running fine, but won't POST. Maybe Thermal Compound Paste needs burn in time?
  7. No, that only means as time goes on the thermal performance of the paste will improve until it is fully set. I'd double check all the connections, reset the CMOS, and go through the checklist posted a few posts up.
  8. Posted, installed XP, ran fine, installed second stick of RAM and won't boot. Used just that stick, and won't boot, so RMAing that stick.

    Thanks For Your All Help!
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