Please recommend me good Liquid Cooling below $75

Good Day guys, I am in need of a Liquid Cooling (doesn't have to be that good, since I don't OC at all)

I am looking for a NO MAINTENANCE Liquid Cooling System (such as the Antec Kuhler H2O series) please give me some recommendations. (Aesthetics > Performance.. As I said I don't OC at all, im just getting a liquid cooling for a quieter and better looking PC) :D

By the way here are my system specs:

Intel i3-2100
G.Skill Ripjaws X 2x2Gb
Inno 3d GTS 250 (will be upgraded to either 650 Ti SSC or 7850)
FSP Epsilon 600w 80+
Cooler Master k380 PC Chasis

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  1. I can't order through newegg unfortunately, since I am from the Philippines. Those two you recommended are unfortunately not available here in our area.

    Here are some of the Liquid Cooling available here:

    Cooler Master H55 Hydro
    Antec Khuler H2O 620
    Thermaltake TT (Water 2.0 Performer)

    Which of these are better?

    Also, is it safe to use? I read some reviews of Liquid Cooling frying mobos due to leaks :(
  2. The Thermaltake TT (water 2.0 Performer) is the 1st top rated outta what you listed.
    The the Kuhler is the second then the H55
  3. Thanks for the help sir.. Are they safe to use? I don't wanna fry my mobo due to leaks :P
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    Well no liquid cooler's are a guaranteed leak free yet.. were not quite there but i guarantee you will feel safe with the Water 2.0. Its supposed to use good components.
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  6. Oh. That's sad to hear.. Well, looks like im just gonna have to go with Aircooling/HSF then.. Thank you so much sir.
  7. Well if its air cooling you want now... I can help on that if need be.
  8. I really like the Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro? Since it matches my LED Strip.. Is it any good?

    Or am i better off going with the Cooler Master Gemini II?
  9. For 20$ i'd say the Hyper 212 is one of the best $ for cooling performance your gonna get
  10. I know the 212 has some pretty great reviews, but asthetically the Ice Blade Pro looks better. Would it perform good as well? Since Im really inclined into getting it.
  11. I looked at the Ice Blade and you have my approval
  12. Great! Thanks again :D
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