2 x 60 GB SSD or 1 x 120 GB FOR Windows and Linux

I am dual-booting Windows and Linux. Currently i have Western Caviar Black 1 TB. But considering to buy SSD.

Wondering how will it be if buy two 60 GB SSD and install Windows and Linux seperately. Or one 120 GB SSD and two OSes on the same drive?

Which one would you choose?
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  1. I usually buy 2 drives IF is for two seperate operate systems. Later you can raid them and run one operating system on them. Or use the other one on a notebook if you cancel one of the operating systems. And agin thats my opinion. Hope helped.
  2. Personally, I would buy the larger one and install the OSes to two separate partitions. That way, if I find out that I need 70 GB for one and 20 GB for the other, it will fit.

    Not to mention that larger SSDs in the same series are almost always faster than the smaller ones.
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