Graphics cards and power supplies?

I am currently using an Sapphire HD 2600 xt agp 512mb. I think i am going to get this new card:

I was wondering if i need a new power supply to use this graphics card. I am not sure what my current supply is, maybe there is a program to find out? But i thought some one might be able to see how much more demanding this card may be compared to my current one.
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  1. The manufacturer recommends a 400W PSU. You will have to look at the PSU inside your case and on one side it should show a picture telling you how many watts, amps, model # and such.
  2. The consumption levels for these two cards are in the same league so no problems there , also I don't think that you could have choosen a better GPU for the AGP technology ... that card totaly rocks !!! :D
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