3d switching from high speed hub to full speed?

I have found that occasionally my Nvidia stereo controller will switch from a highspeed usb hub to a full speed usb hub. It then prompts me to connect it to a usb 2.0...well, it is contected to a usb 2.0. Why is it switching from a hub thats fast enough, to one that isnt. I could just as easily disable the annoying message, but I have been having TONS of problems with it flickering at random intervals. Not sure what is causing it, I do occasionally have high dpc latency...though, yet again. Not sure what is causing that either.

Main ? is why would it change from a high speed hub in device manager, to a full speed one..without me changing usb ports in the first place?
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  1. Try to switch of the power saving mode for the USB ports from the device manager. it might solve the problem. It's something " Allow the device to switch itself off to save power" remove the Tick from there.
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