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I'm designing my new home and I want to take advantage of some different possibilities. I have a room next to the home theater room that will be "cold storage". I would like to build a full-tower pc that will hook up to the projector in the other room for movies and gaming while taking advantage of the cooler temps in the cold storage.

I was wondering, though, would it be possible to run a direct ethernet connection through the walls and connect to the PC via remote desktop and use the PC as if it were a desktop a few feet away. For example, could my sun plug his laptop into the ethernet connection and play games fluidly? Is a 1 Gbps connection fast enough?
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  1. As far as I know, remote desktop does not support 3d acceleration yet. So, right now, the answer is no.
  2. Remote desktop isn't made for streaming video, its made to give the user remote access to the desktop. It doesn't matter how fast the connection is, its probably going to give you a terrible framerate, let alone input latencies for controls.

    If the room is right next door, why not just run a cable to the projector and use a wireless keyboard set to do that gaming?
  3. The projector will be connected to the pc via hdmi. In a sense, the projector will be the "main screen" for the pc. I was just wondering if it was possible to use the pc in distant rooms like a regular desktop if 1 Gbps was fast enough. However, it looks like cjl is right that remote desktop doesn't support 3d acceleration. I guess I could try running long DVI or HDMI cords through the walls.
  4. How far away is the machine from the projector? I'm not positive of the max distance for DVI but I know it's short, say ~15', but HDMI should be upwards of 50 feet. Just something to consider.
  5. Even for that much you'd have to get an expensive shielded one.
  6. remote desktop will not let you do this, though you can try VNC, you may not get the best frame rates, but at least it would allow you to start a 3d app up. On ethernet you should be fine (especially if it is 1gbps)
  7. Check out for cables. Best prices I have found for long cables. I got a 35' DVI to HDMI. Works great. No artifacts.

  8. Seconding the recommendation for monoprice. CNet uses their cables for all of their A/V testing gear, and the computer cables are of equal quality. I've had very good experiences buying from them. No reason to buy a $30+ cable at Best Buy or Radio Shack is overcharging for, when you can get it for $8 at monoprice.
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