Does this build need additional fans?

Case: CoolerMaster HAF 912

CPU: i5 3570k

MOBO: ASRock Z77 Extreme 4

GPU: Evga GTX670 ftw

I'm not currently over clocking any of the parts and I have the stock heatsink on the cpu I was wondering if i needed additional fans for this or if its completely unnecessary and i shouldn't waste my money.

Right now I just have the 2 stock fans it came with so Front: One 120mm Rear: One 120mm

I'm looking to spend less than $30 on the extra fans less would be better if it will have the same results.

what i was thinking in buying is this and putting 2 in the front then moving the stock to the side and 2 on the top

but then I saw this fan on sale for $9 and now im thinking I should buy 2 of them for the front and move the stock to the side
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    The best way to tell if your current cooling is adequate is to run a program like CoreTemp available here: see what your reported temps are... under 60C at full load is good.
    A note about your fan selection, I like the second fan but, it is a PWM fan and you only appear to only have one PWM header (CHA_FAN1) available on your motherboard (PWM's can be automatically manipulated by the motherboard) but the price is pretty good on those and the PWM fans will work on a three pin header, they will simply lose the PWM function (and instead need to be controlled manually just like a three pin fan). It can also be used directly to your PSU but without speed control.
    Just something to be aware of
  2. Thank you for the response, how do I put my computer at max load to test this?
    and I decided i want to buy new fans anyways do you think its better to go with my second option on the fans?
    if i go with the second option i will probably buy some cheaper fans for the top of my case so it would be like
    Front:2xCOUGAR CF-V12HP 120mm
    Side:1xstock 120mm
    Back:1xstock 120mm
    Top: i'll see if i can buy two 120mm later or one 200mm
  3. The most commonly used program for stressing the CPU is Prime95 available here
    which should be run for at least 2 hrs (or until temps do not change) while CoreTemp is open (so you can watch the temps). Stop the test if your CPU temp continues rising above 70C.
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  5. Thank you for all the information I ended up buying the two cougar fans that were on sale
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