Good graphic card for pc or xbox 360?

i am a gamer. i like to play games like gta 4.i am confused about what should i buy?
1. XFX HD 5850 1 GB

what shold i buy for gaming?

my cpu spec are below:

intel core 2 quad 8400 (2.66 GHZ)

Asus P5Q-EM motherboard

2 GB trancend ram (800 MHZ)

320 GB hard disk

i have this cpu but i don't have graphic card.i want to purchase XFX HD 5850 1 GB gpu.

but the price of HD 5850 and xbox 360 elight are almost same.

now i am confused what item give the more fun.

what should i do?help

xbox 360 or HD 5850
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  1. The 5850 is about 9 times more powerful (XBOX 360 = 7800GTX, 7800GTX's in SLI = almost 8800GTX, 2 8800GTX's in SLI = almost 5850).
    Get the 5850 and plenty of games (L4D, Crysis, MW2, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, AvP)
  2. It looks like if you get the 5850 the rest of your computer will hold it back alittle, 2 more GB of RAM would help and overclocking that Q8400 to 3.4ish Ghz would give a big boost. What screen resolution do you play with on your computer? If its low enough you might not even need that powerful of a graphics card.

    I have not personally played this game on both but id say that the PC could potentially have better graphics if you have the hardware to run it.

    One important question is the longevity of the PC or XBOX, do you plan on getting more games for either in the future?
  3. one more thing i don't want to spend money for 4-5 years after i purchase the item.

    hd 5850 or xbox 360 elite

    i am not interested in ps3.
  4. 5850, you can max out most games at 1920x1200 for 2-4 years.
  5. The 5850 is much much more powerful than a xbox360 graphics card. However, games are much more optimized for consoles which makes up for their lack-of-hardware-power. I'd say the xbox360's 7800GTX GPU performs almost on the same level as an ATI4830 or 8800/9800GT after coding-optimization.

    The 5850 is still much better overall.
  6. We have been over this before, the 360 is considered equal more to a x1900 part of some kind than a 7 series nvidia. It is the ps3 that is equal to a 7 series part.

    A 7800 in sli is no where near a 8800gtx.

    Sorry but for some reason people keep repeating these things.
  7. Maybe that's why I said the 5850 is 9 Xeno's?
    2 7800GTX's would "almost" (read please) match a 8800GTX, plus SLI scaling would mean 3 of them (3 Xenos for a 8800GTX). A 4850 matches a 9800GTX+/GTS 250, and a 4850X2 is equal to a 5850, so it would be around 3 8800GTX's to a 5850.
    3 x 3 = 9.
  8. Remember, virtually no Xbox 360 games run at full HD. Most "upscale" to 1080p. While this works ok for high bit rate video, aliased 3D graphics suffer seriously. So it is true that Xbox games are often better optimized, but this is not the full picture. . .literally. 1080p is 2.25 times the resolution of 720p, and this doesn't even deal with texture resolution or mipmapping detail. It is impossible to predict what will be future-proof, but my 4850, released Summer 08, is still providing solid performance at 1080p. I will probably have to start lowering my settings in the fall/winter, but it will be a long time before I can't play games at 720p. You should wait to see what Nvidia offers in their new cards and how much ATI drops their prices.
  9. 7800's are nowhere near an 8800gtx, especially since games then put nowhere near the loads they do now.

    I understand what you are saying but it is just wrong. Even 7900gtx in sli weren't capable of an 8800gtx performance.

    The basis of your calculations are off and the calculations are wrong.
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