Do i need to update my BIOS? Also CPU heatsink Q

I have a MSI 785GTM-E45, which runs AMI BIOS v8.3, the latest is v8.7. I only ask because i just bought a AMD Phenom 955, and it works, but i wonder if im missing any features. I would just go ahead and do it, but last time i tried updating BIOS on this board i had to RMA it :S so you understand my hesitation.

Also side question, which is better, stock heat sink or my Arctic Cooling alpine 64 gt? my AC idles at about 40C, loads at 75-80C.
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  1. 1) If your BIOS is recognizing the X4 955 and the PC is running up to par, there is no reason to updated your BIOS... IMO

    2) It looks like the Arctic is the better cooler but not by much!! Your temps are a little on the high side for idle (dependent on your amp. temps though).
  2. How do i know if its performing up to par? sure it feels faster, i see 4 cores and my windows experience index went up to 7.3, but, is that up to par? how do i know if i'm missing any features.

    and my amp.temps are pretty hot in all fairness.

    Thanks for the answer.
  3. You can run the CPU test in Passmark's PerformanceTest, Futuremark's PCMark Vantage and compare results or do the same for Futuremark's 3DMark Vantage. Your WEI score is a positive sign all is well. :)
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