Is CPU Temp too High?

Im trying to figure out whether or not this is an acceptable temp for my CPU. I am running Prime 95 on my oc i7 3770k @ 4.514ghz, and here are my temps:

core #0: 73c
core #1: 85c
core #2: 80c
core #3: 78c
Package: 87c

CPU VCORE: 1.30v

the system is running under a custom loop dual 120mm rad>cpu>120mm rad>gpu>gpu>res/pump.
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  1. It's too high for my tastes, but technically within spec for Sandy/Ivy bridge.

    I try to stay below 75C under full synthetic load. Intel burn test gets the chip hotter than prime 95, so I use that to test max temps.

    I'm assuming we are talking Intel here, because 85C would have fried an AMD.
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