Ati radeon hd4890 and pc resolution 1920x1080

When I play movies in full hd or dvd the quality of the picture is strange. I have the last grafick driver. I have to lower the resolution on the pc to 1400x1050.
Only then the picture look normal
I use
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  1. is your monitor full HD capable?
  2. Hi

    Yes I have connected to my 60" lg tv wich is 1080p. I use dvi to hdmi. I ve just bought the desktop/pc. everything else is working fine. Well have got a new mainboard because the soundcard was not functioning. so when i changed it everything looks fine. didnt have to reinstall window 7. I think I had the same problem with the old mainboard(they are the same just got a new one). but i am not sure while I had to send it right away due to the soundcard.

    the specs are:

    Windows 7 64 bit ultima
    Amd phenom 2 x4 945
    crucial ddr3 1066mhz 4 gb
    Silver power sp-600a2c, 600w psu
    Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H. SOCKET-AM3

    For example when i watch the gladiator the beard on russel crowe has many white bright hairs. Know this sound strange. but is difficult to explaine. further the objects in the picture which is bright is too bright looks unatural. the is often bright white color on the edges of the objects and on the actors. and the picture is corny and unsharp in a way. The faces of the actors is not so detailed like it should be in 1080p. And also the picture in some way also look too sharp. It s very confusing i know. Just try to explain. Its the same when You watch dvd quality or surf the website with pictures or just watch my own personal pictures. This happens when i turn on the resolution 1080p.

  3. I have a similar problem. I bought a Geforce 240 in order toget better HD performance (over the ATI 3200 motherboard graphics) and I was forced to accept a lower resolution in order for the whole desktop to fit on screen of my Sharp 52" LCD TV. Also, the pictures aren't very shorp either.
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