Couple Diamond ATI 5870 issues/questions pls...

New owner for a Diamond 5870. I also bought a new Samsung P2770H 27" to pair them up and having a couple issues.

I'm running Catalyst 10.1 and the CCC with no changes made to stock settings on card or software.

First, the minor curiosity.

1) When I log into Win7 or also when logging out, you have that part when say it goes from the blue-background login and fades out and then into your desktop... Well, with this new card, it sort of stutters as it does it and isn't smooth or even.

Mind you, there is no problem per se but wondering what is happening graphically that this occurs. My old NVidia 9800 GTX never had any issues so it's surprising that a new card would do it.

2) Can't run Samsung MagicTune or MagicColor or any of that software. I realize this isn't an ATI issue but rather Samsung being slow/lazy to get it to work with newer cards. I don't think any of the NVidia 2xx or 3xx cards are supported either. Just wondering if there was any hack to get it working or not.

3) MORE OF AN ISSUE: I can't figure this one out. I had no problems with my old monitor (Samsung 2232BW) and card (NVidia 9800 GTX) going into power save mode.

With the new combo, it kicks in (I changed it to 1 minute to test it) but it doesn't actually turn off, just the background goes to black...but the monitor still has power.

I read anything I could find on the Samsung LCD and basically it has no control over things - it's all based on the card/PC. I don't see anything in CCC that affects this and in Win7, the only option is setting how many minutes before the display is put to sleep.

So I can't tell if the ATI card is sending a signal of sorts still despite the visual display being turned off or what is not letting the monitor turn off.

This is a deal break though as I won't turn it on and off manually so will just return both. I could try and get another monitor from Costco to see if it is the display but something tells me it is the ATI card/drivers.

THANKS in advance for any assistance.
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  1. I did find this for #3 so maybe it's an ATI issue. I know ATI had a rep for being the worst in the industry with drivers.

    Something tells me I'm going to hope the Fermi Nvidia stuff is great so I can move back to Nvidia :)
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