Finalizing gaming build before buying.

I think I finally have my build together. I wanted it between $800 to $850 and it was with MIRs and codes. I dont need an OS or a Monitor and I build this rig strictly for gaming and hope it last for a few words.
I just need some help and any other advice.

I saved my entire build on newegg. It is in the public wish lists as "My AMD gaming build".
I just put the GIGABYTE GA-MA770T-UD3P AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard in my build. I dont know if thats the one I should get but I just it in there because that seemed the one seemed most likely to unlock the other 2 cores in the 555 BE. Do you know if everything is compatible? I also combo-ed the video card (5850) and the PSU
and I also combined the RAM and Mobo. So I saved some money there, so with all the Mail in Rebates, codes, and combo discounts its only about $811 (with the tax!)Not $879 like it says in the wish list cuz it doesnt subtract MIR's and combos etc.

Can you just look at the build and make sure everything is compatible and if you have any other ideas or recommendations that would be great. I guess I can add a little more money and upgrade some parts but I might have to buy a keyboard/mouse/and headset which is another $35 or so which would put me at $845. Thanks again guys!
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  1. That Gigabyte board is an excellent board and value if you only need a single GPU. I have two of them and they work great, though my chips aren't unlockable so I can't comment on that.
  2. Thanks for the input, yes I am planning on having only one GPU. I think the 5850 is good enough by itself to last me awhile. I was deciding between 5770 and the 5850 and I figured I could just get some cheaper AMD stuff so I could fit in that extra $150 for the 5850. I really wanted the 5770 with i5 750 but games now are becoming more GPU intensive and my monitor isnt that small either.
  3. I think that's a good idea, since in games the AMD ones aren't behind at all. Could you just post the contents of your wish list here? I tried to do a quick look for it but couldn't find it. Thanks.
  4. Sorry, I just looked and I didnt see it either, I put it to public 6 times and its not working but heres the build:

    Case Only $65 with code and MIR!
    Mobo/RAM combo
    PSU/GPU combo

    $827 total. +$67 tax + $12 shipping - $15 case code.
    $891 total, theres so $80 in MIR

    Any advice on my build will be nice. Thanks
  5. Looks pretty good, though why did you choose a WD Green drive? For a gaming build, I'd suggest a WD Black or Samsung Spinpoint F3.
  6. I wanted to get a spinpoint but they were out on newegg. haha. I'll definitely get it when its back in stock on newegg. Does everything else look pretty solid on it?
  7. Looks great to me, though your combo just went out of stock. Also as a side note, you probably will be able to OC that GPU to at least 775/1125 (max in CCC) with no extra cooling/effort.
  8. Wow thanks for the advice. Whats CCC? This is actually my very first build but I dont know how to get into the BIOS or how to OC or anything really. I need help putting it together too. I might youtube or whatever to help me put it together but that other stuff I'm a complete noob at, I want to overclock though and I do want to try and unlock those other cores too in the BIOS or whatever. Thanks for the heads up on the outstock too, it shouldnt be long before they get some more. How does the MIR at newegg work? Do they give me like store credit or a check or cash?
  9. CCC = Catalyst Control Center, it is the program ATI (AMD) includes to control the graphics card driver settings. It also allows light overclocks.

    Hmm, are you getting an aftermarket heat sink for your CPU? If you are unlocking and OCing the stock may be insufficient. The CM Hyper 212+ is a very good cooler for the price.

    MIRs at Newegg vary as they are not actually through them (at least usually), they are through a manufacturer. Recently many have begun using the same system so it is more uniform, but it still varies. The .pdf on newegg should explain what to do and what you'll get. Recently I have seen more 'cards' as opposed to checks, but like I said, it varies (and sometimes they will give you different than they say).

    BIOS tweaking isn't too bad, I don't think the process for unlocking the 3rd and 4th cores is too complex (if it works) however I have never done it personally.
  10. This is a great alternative to the spin point. and is faster then the WD drive you selected.

    Seagate 7200.12
  11. I dont know if I want to deal with a cooling system. Would it better if I just put in another 30 to 50 bucks towards a quad core like the 955 or 940 and not worry about "possibly" unlocking the other two cores like in the 555 and dealing with the cooling system?
    And thanks for the HD advice OSU.
  12. I'm really contemplating on possibly just getting the 955. I might redo my build since my money isnt coming until next week and half of these deals and rebates are going to be gone by then. I also kind of dont want to deal with rebates, they sound like they're a pain in neck.
  13. Yeah, that probably is a good idea. I still expect to get rebates, but the best advice I heard was to make your budget work without them, as they sometimes don't come and if they do they don't for weeks.

    I think unlocking the extra two cores disables the core temperature sensor, so although the idea is fun and cheap, it isn't really perfect.
  14. Ya, I agree. You know of any good cases for around $65 or so. I know that my thermal take case discounts are going to go away soon.
  15. A good case at about that price (when not on sale) is the Antec 300 Illusion. I have it, so a quick review:

    Very quiet on Low fan speed
    Still moves plenty of air on low
    Good and easy to clean filter
    Blue LEDs
    Excellent build quality and design

    a bit tight, but for a normal build it will all fit. 5850 easily, 5870 very tight
    no clear side
    no BIOS speaker

    The Antec 900 fixes many of my gripes, but costs quite a bit more when not on sale.
  16. I really wanted to get the that thermal take case with those mammoth dual 230mm fans and what about a cheap PSU, I really wanted that OCZ one its 700W and $55 after rebate, but thats not gonna last either.
  17. I wouldn't give up hope on the OCZ PSU, that one always seems on sale. Newegg does sometimes extend sales when they run out.
  18. Really? Well I'm not banking on it and hope that they extend it. I found another case that I just spotted. Its the exact price of the thermal take on my original build but this case is the exact same price and has a 500 watt PSU:
  19. Here is a Case/PSU combo that is much better than the Raidmax for only $10 more:
    The Raidmax case you listed is fine, but the power supply is not very good at all.
    I wouldn't trust it to power a high end system. The antec 650 watt PSU I listed is much, much
    better, and the Antec 200 case is pretty nice too. It's got two exhaust fans which should be
    plenty of cooling for your system.
  20. IMO I think that case looks ugly as hell, but its been recommended to me by quite a few people. I am planning on getting a phenom 955 and a 5850 and I will probably overclock them both with the ram, you think two fans is enough? thats why I wanted to get this case:

    And I am probably going to wait for the xfx 5850 comes back in stock so I can combo a OCZ 700W with it and save an extra $40 on them. With the combo and rebate the OCZ offers, its like I'm buying a 700W PSU for $20.
  21. IMHO get a good case that you do not mind looking at. If you are like most of the people on these boards you spend most of your time behind your computer so why pick a case you are not going to enjoy.

    If you like the thermal take case then save up a little more and get it or maybe look at the Antec 90X's series they look nice as well and have good airflow.

    However, whatever case you get make sure the After market cooler you get fits in the case before you buy anything.
  22. Do I really need an after market cooler? I do want to OC but not heavily, I'm still very new to all of this, this is my first build. I just to mild OC on mostly everything just enough to get away with the stock coolers/fans.
  23. I'm not sure, it depends on how good of a cooler they give you. Some of the recent ones have not been good. I normally get an aftermarket cooler even if I do not plan to OC, because often the stock coolers are loud (small fast fans) as well
  24. ok, well whats a good aftermarket cooler? I think I am planning on getting the thermaltake V9. Even though that seems to have plenty of air flow with two 120mm fans and two 230mm fans.
  25. How much does that cost? For about $30 (I think, at least it was) you can get the Hyper 212+ which is one of the better ones out there and the best price vs performance. It'll be more than enough for a moderate OC. For example, it keeps my i5 at 40C with all cores maxed (and turbo) and at a low fan speed.
  26. Here's a nice review and comparison. Not sure which coolers it compares to the 212, but you can get the basic idea.
  27. Tom's hardware has a solution for you. Here is a link to a detailed article to building a gaming rig for about $700.00:,2509.html
  28. Thanks a lot. I gave into getting the thermaltake V9, I couldnt pass up the offer of getting two 120mm fans and dual silent 230mm fans and it originally costs around $119 or so but with the code and instant saving and rebates its $65. I'm a noob at building a pc, where would I put the cooler? Whats the best way to get the maximum amount of cooling?
  29. I just looked at that case, it does look really nice (especially for that price). What do you mean about the cooler, orientation?
  30. squirrel15 said:
    Thanks a lot. I gave into getting the thermaltake V9, I couldnt pass up the offer of getting two 120mm fans and dual silent 230mm fans and it originally costs around $119 or so but with the code and instant saving and rebates its $65. I'm a noob at building a pc, where would I put the cooler? Whats the best way to get the maximum amount of cooling?

    Read tecmo's Sticky on building a PC. It is a really good read for a first timer. It helped me a lot and the pictures he provided are really good visuals.
  31. Thanks OSU, I will definitely do that. Is the Hyper 212 the best bang for cooler?
  32. Yes. It is a Frostech top 10 (last I checked) and is 30 bucks. Really cant beat it especially if you are just doing Mild OCing..
  33. Best answer
    Yes, and also its bracket fits all recent AMD and Intel sockets/LGAs, something that many other manufacturers make you buy an extra bracket for. One of the easiest I've installed as well.
  34. Wow thanks a lot all of you. I will be buying the rest of my build new week when my money comes in so I will so some additional research and hunting for some good deals.
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