Did I mess up?

I am trying to build a decent gaming rig but I think I may have f'd up on that pretty hard.

I just bought a Radeon 7870 but my processor is a FX 4100 (zambezi) 3.6ghz. Motherboard is MSI 760gm-P23 (Which I think is crappy as well). I'm guessing bottlenecking is going to be a huge issue? Also, I'm not really good at building computers..as you can see. If I want to upgrade my CPU to something that won't bottleneck, which should I get? Oh btw, I'll be gaming on a 1920x1680 screen.
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  1. You could look at the 8350(your mobo does support it) or you could OC as its cheaper and an 8350 would not give you that much of an improvement and would bottleneck in CPU intensive games too.
    Your mobo is not that bad at all.

    What games are you playing?

    My initial suggestion : Get an aftermarket CPU cooler and see what you can manage to get out of your current system with an OC. You can always use it with a CPU upgrade too.
  2. That's not bad, the 7870 is a far better GPU than I have and despite all the crap it gets, Bulldozer isn't that bad. I mean, I would have gotten the FX 4170 as it's a better chip but with a bit of overclocking it can be a good setup. All you need to do is up the multiplier and away you go! But if you are insistent on getting a new CPU I would get the 4170 as it's pretty cheap on Newegg now, just over 100 bucks.
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