Restoring .bkf (XP) backup files in Windows 7 Pro

I'm running the Windows virtual XP op sys on my Windows 7 Pro platform. I can't restore the .bkf files that I created in XP Pro, because the XP restore utility says that there is unrecognizable content. I get the same response with 2 separate .bkf files created 20 days apart. I've also tried File Extension Changer program to see if I could restore the backup directly from Windows 7, but that program also says it can't recognize the files. How can I restore these XP .bkf files?
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  1. Did you have the xp backup program verify the backups after they were created? It's possible that they got corrupt.
  2. No, I didn't have XP verify the backups, but it seems odd that both backups, 20 days apart, would have the same corruption issue. Since I'm in Africa, I won't have a chance to redo the desktop backup in LA until January, and when I do I'll just backup folders individually to a portable drive and skip the XP issue. Meanwhile I'll see if I can find another short-term option. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Use the "NT Backup - Restore Utility" to restore XP backups into Windows 7.

    You can get it here >
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