Put computer in ACHI mode, now RAID10 is degraded, help!

I have a 2tb raid 10 (4 drives) on my MSI x58 PRO-E motherboard that i created in raid mode, but i changed the mode from raid to ACHI for something else and forgot to change back before enabling the drives and booting, and now its telling me it cant even find two of the drives and that its lost, even with raid mode enabled again. I cant lose the info on these drives, theres hundreds of hours of project files on there, how do i recover them?
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  1. Also i had a raid1 enabled as well as its fine. The issues seems to be that two of the drives is labeled as missing, yet their on and connected as always. Someone plz help
  2. In AHCI mode you turn off the raid soo you have to go one way or the other Turn your controller back into Raid mode and your raid should be fine.

  3. Thank you for not reading my question.
  4. I believe your data still there...
    Go get TWO brand new drives, remove the TWO so call missing - DO NOT touch that
    Connect/Insert these new drives
    Go to your RAID manager
    Set the NEWLY inserted drives as HOT SPARE
    the RAID will take it and rebuilt

    Note: the reason you do not want to use the orphan raid drives, because in case you need to send in to data recover.. you still able to.
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