Asus p5n-e-SLI

So ive been running this set up for quite awhile now.

Q6600 quad core
x4 OCZ 2gig PC2 8500 Reaper series PRESET TO 5-5-5 @2.2V
Nvidia 8800gt
Sound blaster Audigy
Win 7 os

I hop on my comp searchin the web and click on a youtube vid. the sound was all distorted, odd, so i clicked another vid in hopes it was not my speakers/sound card. same thing. i reboot, see my Asus screen where it says press tab to view post, press Del to enter setup... and thats where it stays.

First i took the sound card out as that seemed logical. same thing. I took all RAM out, put one stick in slot 1, 2, 3, 4 rebooting after every slot switch, i tried this with all 4 sticks. still same thing. cleared Cmos, same thing.

I get the initial beep, all fans are up and runnin just doesnt move fromt hat creen and i cant get into Bios settings

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I had a similar symptom on a Dell - stuck before getting into BIOS, so FWIW try this:

    - Power down.
    - Disconnect *all* USB devices (incl hubs, monitor USB port cable, etc) from your PC.
    - Power up and let it go as far as it will, absent perhaps kb/mouse and given your problem.
    - Power down. Reconnect only KB/mouse if USB. Try and boot up.

    In my case, BIOS couldn't get past a locked-up USB hub. Hope this is your problem.
  2. Thanks but ive only been booting it up with KB which is ps/2 monitor and power plugged into PC.
  3. Well, not much left to do except swap parts if you've got them:

    1) Check 20/24-pin and 4/8 pin motherboard power connectors - remove and re-install. Try again.

    2) Remove Vid card, boot, replace, try again, swap vid card for "known working" or try your vid card in another PC to prove.

    3) Swap in another psu if you have it.

    4) If all that fails, its mobo/cpu, right? I don't think memory could be involved at this point, even if the 2.2V BIOS setting has been "lost", because you aren't getting that far.
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