Master/Slave designation and BSoD error

Hello, I recently purchased a new system: Gigabyte UD3R x58 mobo, i7950, GTX470, 120GB Corsair force SSD, 1TB WD black edition, windows 7 premium 64bit

I am having a BSOD/freeze every single time the computer is resumed from standby/hibernate. The error code as follows from the BSoD: 0x000000F4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA800620BB30, 0xFFFFFA800620BE10, 0xFFFFF8000359B540). The computer runs flawlessly expect for this.

After some searching microsoft's knowledge base i came across:;en-us;330100 which states that connecting a HD in slave only mode leads to crashes upon resuming from standby and uses the same F4 error code.

I bought this computer from a boutique shop that has not returned my calls and so i decided to check in my bios and found the SSD is listed as slot 0 - slave and the HD is listed as slot 6- master. The slot 6 is the 6gb/s slot so that makes sense, and slot 0 is where the booklet says the OS drive should ideally be, but the master slave designation got me wondering if this is my problem.

I see no obvious way to change this designation within the bios and have read elsewhere that the designation is meaningless with today's sata controllers. However this microsoft knowledge base article has me wondering if this is my problem? How would i go about switching the designations if I wanted to test out my theory? Is there a way you know of? My mobo manual has not been much help.
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  1. I did some searching on the codes and found that it maybe because of faulty hardware. Try and remove hardware parts one by one and see if the problem occurs.
  2. heading off to work, will try to do that tonight when i get home. The computer runs flawlessly with the exception of the crashing on resume from standby. I have had it for a week now and not a single other crash doing anything else.
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