Hi all,

Trying to get a few more fps on Skyrim, so I'm looking to overclock my rig a bit. Ideally I'd like to overclock the cpu, gpu and possibly ram slightly.

I've got a ASROCK970 Extreme3 mobo, 4gb x 2 1600 ram, sapphire hd7770 1gb gddr5 gpu, and fx-6200 cpu(replaced stock heatsink with arctic a30). My case has three fans, not counting the cpu and gpu fans.

I've looked at guides for oc'ing my cpu, but they use a bios interface that I don't have, so I can't get much out of them. When I adjust the gpu using the catalyst settings, my games won't even load.

Oh, almost forgot: psu is 500w extreme coolermaster.

Any help would be appreciated:) I'm only getting 35-40 fps with the ENB mods(zero antialiasing) and I want to hit 60 if possible.

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  1. Don't bother OCing the RAM, pointless. How did you go about OCing the GPU?

    I would not OC your CPU on the PSU you have. Coolermaster extreme series is unreliable at the best of time and your CPU is very power hungry.

    You would not get THAT much of an improvement from an OC on your GPU and CPU together, you will need a better GPU to reach 60 FPS. But any sort of improvement would help ofc.

    My suggestion : Start with an OC on your graphics card. We can help you figure it out. What exact GPU model do you have? Need to get an idea of what cooler it has.
  2. this is my gpu: SAPPHIRE HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB GDDR5. I used catalyst to boost the gpu/mem clock by a few mhz, and game wouldn't run. Raised the gpu memory clock a little, no issues, but didn't see any improvement.
  3. How much did you bump the frequency? If its a considerable margin you will need to add more voltage as well.
  4. Keep in mind do it only a little at a time while, stress testing in games and Furmark to check temperature. DO NOT exceed 80C at first.
  5. u should overclock atleast 1ghz to make a big difference a difference
  6. the reason that bios os best for overclocking is because you can raise the voltage. if you overclock any chip, it will eventually need more voltage to maintain stability. you wont get but an 8% oc on your gfx, cpu or ram if you cant raise the voltage, and i dont think those overclocking programs can raise voltages in the same way that an unlocked bios can.

    your best bet for skyrim is to drop your hd7770, and get an GeForce GTX 650 Ti for around $130-170
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