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Continue to enjoy my Xonar D1. What playback volume do you use on the mixer tab? Default is 76. I have noticed I need it at about 90 to really help my headphones without an external amp. Do you know if you set it at 100, does it boost the actual db from the original flac, or is 76 really a normalization?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. thats really a good question since the output, that comes out from soundcard is low level...

    i actulally would like some answer for that question

    gd question anyway.
  2. outlw6669, any comment on this?
  3. Anyone who has an Xonar want to comment, give opinion?
  4. bump
  5. hey was there an answer to the mixer(Setting) maximum volume recommendation?

    I Know this is an older post but .. I Want to know if my XONAR DGX MIXER volume of 76(per channel) is the maximum you're supposed to set it to, without issue
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