Running eyefinity with 5870 and a 42"tv on a seperate video card

Just looking for some info on if i run triple monitors on the 5870 in eyefinity and use a secondary hard for the tv will it interfere with the 5870 and the eyefinity performance at all. :) cheers for any info.
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  1. If you have a 5870 running eyefinity on 3 screens then a second card with your TV attached, it should not hamper performance of your eyefinity setup, provided you have enough CPU to run everything.
  2. well i hope i have enough cpu lol 920 OC'd to 3.9 with 6gbs of good triple channel so thanks for the info :) if any one else has thoughts pls feel free to let me know cheers
  3. Also make sure your psu can handle the load of two graphics cards.
  4. paperfox said:
    Also make sure your psu can handle the load of two graphics cards.

    i hope so i have a brand new corsair 850w
  5. if i just did a crossfire of the 5870s do you think running the tv on the hdmi on the second card would be a good option?
  6. I dont think you can have eyefinity and use a 4th output on the second 5870 with crossfire enabled, disabled yes.

    850w corsair is more than enough.
  7. do you know if i can run 6 monitors if i want to with say 2 of the cards and just not worry about crossfiring?
  8. Currently I thought that only the 5970 works with Eyefinity while crossfire is enabled, I am not completely sure if other cards support this yet. In the future I think it is on ATIs "to do" list of features.

    Or where you talking about having two 5870s not in crossfire but each with its own 3 monitor eyefinity setup? That is an interesting question.

    Mostlikely Im thinking that you mean have 6 monitors in extended mode without crossfire or eyefinity, and yes you can.
  9. Well i was thinking of using my first one for eyefinity and use the second for my tv for the time being and than crossfire it down the way and find another way to run the tv
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