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Hey guys, haven't posted on the forums in a while. Had to put my watercooling build on hold for a while due to work issues. But I'm back!
So I received my XSPC AX 360 in the mail a few weeks ago and I love it. Haven't put water through it yet but I really like the build quality. After a quick coat of some high heat paint I got it looking exactly how I want it. Being able to remove it from its shell made it a quick painless process.
But what I am looking for and having trouble finding is the heat dissipated by one of these. I'm still running my 2 gtx580's and a 2600k (nothing oc'd yet). I've held off on getting the second rad because I'm not sure if i should get a second 360 or if a 240 would do the job.
I do plan on overclocking the 2600k to around 4.5 with an occasional 5.0+ for some fun. I used to want to OC the 580's... but I really don't think it would make a difference with the current games out.
So if anyone has any links to the heat dissipated by the AX 360 I would love to see them : )
My tdp is around 600 watts with no OC (244+244+95=583)
It feels good to get back into hobbies.
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  1. Let's say this, I couldn't find any actual links. But, the Ax 360 is probably running with 30 FPI (Fins per inch), as are most other 120mm units. You will be dissipating around 1000 watts of heat.
  2. Well, we know the AX360 is better than the RX360, so we can do a slight guesstimate.
  3. Yeah, I saw some tests that showed it very close to the RX360. Was just hoping for some more exact numbers. Looks like I'll be getting a second AX360 then.
    *Thanks for the responses
  4. Sure thing, hope everything turns out well. :D
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