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I've asked this before for a friend but can't find the thread and came remember the answer.

My ssd stores windows and a few games and a hard a mechanical storage drive. How.do I get all the temp files and internet crap to save to my storage drive rather than boot drive, I remember just moving temp files last time but what's the location of all the files I need to move?

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  1. Also,

    When I download a file I get the option of save or open. If I press open it just saves the file to my SSD c:users>diddle>downloads

    I would like that folder to be on my storage drive as I dont want all random installers and crap on the ssd... is this possible?
  2. I'm not sure if your issue was resolved, but if using Windows 7, I believe all you have to do is change the target path.

    For example mine is set to a separate partition (E:\) on a secondary HDD.


    Now change the Target to the path where you want on your secondary HDD. It should migrate the folders for you (I think), it's been awhile since I done it.
  3. The temp folder can be anywhere. You need to alter the system variables for TEMP and TMP.

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