Question about windows for new build

Recently just built my new comp. Everything seems to read fine now I just need to install the OS.

Heres my question

Thats the 64 bit Windows I want to pick up? I dont have a xp or vista to upgrade from so it will need to be a fresh install.

Know its kind of a dumb question but seems theres plenty of w7 versons and just want to make sure I get the right one.
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  1. Assuming you wanted the standard version, yes. Keep in mind that with the OEM version (opposed to the Full Retail version) will not come with tech support and (more importantly) can only be install on one computer. Microsoft defines "computer" as the motherboard, so if you install it, then need to replace the motherboard, you will need to either get Microsoft to reactivate the code or buy a new copy.
  2. Thanks for reply and yep new MB should last for a few years of upgrades....Their tech support can probably be done without.
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