Windows 7x64 Freezes with loud popping/buzzing sounds

Hello -

I am having a similar problem. Except that the rest of the discussion was lost on me. Even if it is pertinent to my situation. I need the 8-year-old explanation and instructions.

My Dell Studio 1558 freezes since I tried to reinstall the Windows 7 64 Ultimate a few weeks ago. And within the past few days it has frozen and made a scratching noise when I watch some online videos or webinars.

It tells me that I have USB devices that are not working and says under Device Manager Other Systems that:

"The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.

To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver."

But when I try to update the driver it says:

"Windows was unable to install your Base System Device.

Windows could not find the driver software for your device.

If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for drivers software."

Well. It's Dell. And when I run a dell pc check it tells me that everything is fine.

Anyone? (Sheepishly inquired)
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  1. just to verify, the popping and buzzing comes out your speakers and not your case right? =P
  2. Ha! You mean; case, right? Not that my case is right or that I have a right case and wrong case. Or upper and lower, for that matter... left ....

    (The popping and buzzing comes out of my ears along with smoke! This is the THIRD laptop that Dell has sent - and the warranty expired a month ago. Isn't that poetic?)

    No - I think it does come from the speakers. It sounds almost as though the sound gets stuck and continues trying to play. There is just no good way to describe the grrrrr sound. It's a raspy rrrrrrr. However, it could be from the machine. It's is so loud when it happens that I have immediately shut the thing down.

    So what am I listening for?

  3. Well, if the sounds aren't coming out of your speakers then you have an issue.
    Put your ear up against the speakers when it starts making the noises.

    Do you have anything plugged into a USB slot?
    It could also be listing onboard devices as being connected via USB, so make sure you have installed the appropriate stuff from the Dell website, bluetooth drivers, finger scanners, etc.
  4. I'm tempted just to run an online video just to check the noise thing out. Maybe later. I just got home and need to hear quiet for a moment.

    I have gone to the Dell website and downloaded every driver that says anything about USB. There is nothing externally that I have attached to the computer at all. Unless there is something that is onboard for which the USB info doesn't show up in the driver list. I am also wondering about something that may have come loose inside the laptop. Could that be a possibility?

    I'm still getting the mixed messages. There is no driver update. There is no device. I uninstall the device in device manager. I restart the computer. It finds a device and tries to download the driver. The download fails. There is no device for the driver I Do try to download at Dell ....
  5. Hi again,

    So I haven't really been able to solve this problem yet. Is is just going to be that I have to have my computer freeze a few times a day until I can afford a new one?
    Dell wants to charge $59 for a diagnostic test - one time fee - and they want $179 for annual warranty service. It seems that they know that their machines have problems and that more revenue can be generated by offering paid service for their troubled little machines.

    No popping or hissing these past few days - And I did watch one video. But regular freezing.

    Still the message that a USB device has malfunctioned and that there is no driver and the device cannot be recognized. I do not find a yellow warning under any category in the device manager.

    What to do, what to do ......
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