What other choices for stable overclocking motherboards.

I am building a gaming computer for multiple monitors. I have two and wall run 3 possibly in the future. I was looking at the ASUS M4A89TD but learned it ran 8X with 2 GPUs. My plan is for 2 5770 type GPUs with 1GB Mem(Cross Fire), AMD 965BE or AMD 970BE, 6GB Patriot Viper DDR3 1600, OCZ 600 watt P.Supply in a Coolmaster Sniper Case and lastly a Raptor 300gb HD. Any sugestions helpful first timer building true gaming computer and on a budjet of around $1000. My monitor res is 1680 X 1050.
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  1. Hello, so your main question is whether x8/x8 XFire for HD5770s is bad?

    I'm not sure what this has to do with the title for your thread but anyway.

    x8/x8 is completely fine for XFired 5770s there is barely a performance difference when running 2 5870s. Therefore just grab a x8/x8 board and make sure you don't get a x16/x4 one. The x4 will limit even a 5770.

    Hope that helps.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I decided to go with a Gigabyte GA-890FX-UD5 Motherboard so I could run two video cards at 16X. In addition I am looking at the 5830 GPUs XFX or Gigabyte brand video cards. I upped the power supply to a Corsair 850HX Modular. I reduced the cost by going with 4GB of Patriot Viper2 memory 10666 with the intention of adding more memory later should I need it.
    I am leaning towards the Gigabyte 5830 video card cause it runs 27% cooler than other 5830 cards. I read a expert review at one of the overclocking sites about the XFX 5830 running hot but with the good warranty and the free Alien vs Pred game it is hard not to choose the XFX for the same money. The Alien vs pred game costs $47 all by itself!
    The last thing before I order the AMD cpu (This Week) is Gigabyte does not support the 970BE but does support the AMD 965BE, and I really would like the AMD 970BE. I believe it would run in the board but wish I could find someone who has tried this.
  3. the rampage III formula or extreme would do ya good too, the cool part with the formula is if you only plan on running two cards, it'll run them both in 16x and leave you an 8x pci-e port open, but g'luck with the gigabyte, i hate the blue parts :D
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    If you have not ordered that motherboard then I would recommend not getting it. If you are only going to run 2 cards the x16/x16 is NOT required. Save some money and get the 890GX.

    If you are getting 2 5830s the 850W is way overkill. I would instead suggest around 650W.

    I doubt the board will not support it as it is only a multiplier bump up. Anyway why don't you just get the 955BE and chuck the multiplier up a few to match the speeds of the way more expensive ones.

    If you save the money on the processor and the board then you should have enough money to buy 2 5850s instead of the 5830s. This will actually give you a performance increase.
  5. Thanks for the input! I caught the memory mistake and ordered 4GB of 10666 dual channel 1333mghz Patriot Viper ii 7-7-7-20. I did look at saving some with a lesser cpu (Like the 955BE) and it was only $20 savings over the 965BE. The P. Supply was in the middle range of the calculators I used. It is almost 90% effecient and will support extra devices in the future. Going modular and big, killed an extra $75 fast!
    The video card is still sealed in the box and the upgrading to the 5850 would be about a $60 to $80 increase. I want to run the cpu in the 4ghz speed and have the corsair H50 which will be running it in a push/pull setup with 2 fans. The motherboard should give me options going forward so I spent a little extra there.
    Right now I am looking at gaming mice and looking at the Logitech GX9 and the Razor mambo. I am leaning towards the Logitech but do not like the cord thing. They both have their good and bad points. I hear the Razor goes dead fast so you might as well have mouse with a cord attached to it, then there's the squeaking with the Razor. My budget was around $1000 and I am $1100 and change right now. Then there's that nice Logitech G27 Racing wheel only $259.99 :)))
  6. Today I pulled the trigger on a Asus 5850 and the tally is $1195 so far.
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  8. Good job you should be happy with your system. Thanks for BA.

    So you ended up getting the 890GX? It is a good choice if you want to run more then 2 cards.
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