Constant Beep problem

Hello, after roughly 9 months of reliable service by my computer, recently i have experienced unfortunate problems.

After removing a harmful virus "Anti Virus 2010" or something, my computer was acting extremely slow.

Firefox began to not work, (not loading after sending an error report).
The overall speed of my computer has now reached a point whereby it will crash and the mobo will emit a CONSTANT BEEP until i turn it off manualy.

I have read this could be an overheating problem, yet i have not overclocked, and specifically payed for a superior heatsink for my CPU.

I have also read it could be my PSU, which appears to be more likely.
The orange light appears to be constantly on, even after ive left it for about an hr. There is also a whirring (im presuming HDD) which does not appear to stop.

My Specs are:

MSI P43 (MS-7519) Motherboard
E5200 CPU @2.50ghz
ATI 3600 512
OCZ 450w PSU

Ány help will be greatly appreciated, especially whether anyone can confirm whether it is hardware or software issue. Thanks in advance
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  1. It sounds like you may not have completely removed the virus. My guess would be that something's using CPU cycles and causing the CPU to overheat. How high is your CPU usage? What is your CPU temp?
  2. I think it's a waste of time to clean virus infections. Sure, reinstalling your OS and all the stuff you need can take 5-6 hours but:

    1. you gotta nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure;
    2. you could really use those 5-6 hours to think about why you were suckered into downloading a fake anti virus. :pfff:

    As for your problems:
    - look in BIOS (prolly PC Health section or something) for the temperature warning and see if it's set to some very low value. Try turning off the warning temporarily just to confirm it's the temp warning that you're hearing.
    - install some monitoring software from your motherboard manufacturer or even better SpeedFan and monitor your fan speeds, CPU temp and usage for a while to get a better idea of what's going on
    - look at the task manager processes and see which process is utilizing the CPU
  3. Another point of interest worth mentioning is your memory sticks/slots. While 9 months is really soon for any component to crap out, i've had a computer suddenly decide it didn't like where the memory sticks were placed. Mind you that this happened while the computer was already on for about three or four hours doing next to nothing.

    Try removing the memory, reinstall one at a time in every slot. You may be surprised to learn that your slow down is from failing memory capacity.
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