GTX 560 DCII OC help

what is a stable OC for this?

its from asus what program can i use to monitor in game temperatures and what program can i use to OC it?
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  1. use msi after burner to oc and monitre temp
    as for oc potential it differs due to alot of factors but the diffrence isnt big maybe 50mhz
    and when you oc remember to set your power to the max percantage and everytime you oc the core by 100 run some benchmarks play a game if everything seems ok oc more if it crashes reduce it by 50 and if it stayed stable land didnt crash let it that way
    keep your eyes on the temp
    on personal i dont like my card to get near 80 c
    hope this helps and u can always look up on google and youtube
  2. thanks mate
  3. I'm running 950 at 1.062V right now with that card. The temps have always been great for me with this card. 65C max with Furmark at the current 950 OC.

    Now, obviously, your card won't be exactly like my card, so you'll have to do some trial an error to see what your card can do (I can do 1Ghz at max voltage (1.087V), but I don't really like doing that, so I keep it at 950). My card isn't all that great as far as how far I can push it, though. The temps are excellent, even at max voltage, but it won't go over 1Ghz stably no matter what I do.

    Also, I don't OC the VRAM, since that's a pointless venture anyway.

    And there isn't a "Power Setting/Percentage" for the 500 series cards, so you don't need to worry about that.

    Edit: I use Afterburner, as well. I kinda hate the Asus OC software (both Smart Doctor and GPU Tweak).
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