Upgrade graphics card worth it without mobo swap 1st?

current specs: asus p5n32 sli se deluxe (no pcie 2.0 that I am aware of); windows xp mce sp3; 2 Gb Ram DDR 2 @? 600; Core 2 Extreme 6800 @ 2.93 ghrz proc; 1000 watt power; nvidia geforce 7950 gt; samsung 19-inch monitor

I want to upgrade my current graphics card for direct x 10 (at least) support, as well as take advantage of all bells and whistles in Batman: Arkham and Borderlands (currently able to play Batman without phys but all other settings to high with ?1900 x 1200 resolution).

Not sure what would be my best bet to "future proof" my current system for a few more years before a major overhall. What would be my best bet for around $200 (prefer nvidia simply due to familiarity) to actually make a worthwile difference, or is it totally futile to upgrade without replacing the mobo first--I don't think I have pcie 2.0 support, just standard. would a pcie 2.0 card be a waste, due to bottlenecking despite backwards compatible? I had considered a geforce 260 1gb. If a waste, what would be the top card for standard pcie slot? Thanks for you time.
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  1. I was also thinking of a 260gtx or hd 4890 would be a slightly faster DX10 card. As long as your pcie 1.0 slot is a full x16 then you wont see any bottlenecking at 1900x1200, unless you use AA and AF. If your going to get a new system within one year Id get one of those but if longer than that maybe get a 5770 for those DX11 games that come out that second year.
  2. Your best bet is the Radeon HD4890. Priced at $200, it will carry you over into DX10 for some time to come.
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