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Momentus Solid State Hybrid Drive

I wanted to post and ask questions on the Momentus Solid State Hybrid Drives but I did not see a tab for these type of drives.

I just installed the Momentus XT 750GB Solid State Hybrid Drive in my sons gaming system with Windows 7 and it is slower than his other drive.

My neighbour came over with Win 8 and Win 8 did not like it.

We tried out XP on the Hybrid and it ran really fast and the same with Ubuntu. Don't have Vista so oh well.

** Question is: - Anyone else having slow problems with Win 7 and the Hybrid drives? **
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  1. firmware from the drives site or maybe from Windows Update ? ( W7 anyways/ not sure W8 is up to par yet...... beta isn't it ?
  2. All updates and firmware are up to date as of 2 days ago and still no joy with W7. Yes, W8 still in beta so 8 has an excuse :)

    My son opted to go back to a what he calls a newer gaming HDD with W7...
  3. Maybe you got a bad drive? All the reviews I read states it's fast. Try running a diagnostics on it.
  4. It must have been a bad drive. I tried it on other hardware with W7 and still no joy. XP and Ubuntu run fine. I thought it might be the copy of W7 so I returned it. Re-install of W7 and it was working. However, after about 43 hours of usage it started slowing.

    I took the drive back and replaced it with another one not from the same lot number and replaced W7 again from when I went back East.

    I am no longer having problems with it. It must have been bad lot numbers from Samsung and MS.

    That is the only thing it could be.
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    thanks for the come backer. nice to hear results.
  6. Your welcome. I believe in finishing threads with a result. To many threads with no ending around. Maybe this might be of help to others even as silly as it is.

    Ill tell you what though, now that I have it working correctly this hybrid drive is really sweet. Takes no time to boot and works like a charm for editing, video, pictures, animation, database or however I can make it crunch hard. My only concern is it's life usage time. So ill keeping backups for a while.
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