Overclocking a HD7850 on a B75, is it doable?

hey guys,
I've just purchased a "Powercolor Radeon HD7850 2GB"
it runs at: 860MHZ core clock and 4800 effective memory clock.

i would like to overclock the core to about 1000MHZ or possibly up to 1200MHZ if my power supply has enough grunt, (its a coolermaster extreme 2 625w)

However, my major concern is, my motherboard chipset is a B75, is it even possible to overclock the graphics card on this chipset?

thank you, Lord Tumnas
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  1. Hi LT.

    You can overclock a GPU on any motherboard regardless of the chip set as long as the GPU is supported. I have OC'ed AMD 6 series cards on my old AM2 motherboard for example.

    Just download a utility for overclocking such as this:

    You can overclock when you are booted into your OS.

    Unlike CPU overclocking, GPU overclocking is mostly done via your OS and not your BIOS.

    Also if you have not overclocked before, do it in small increments and increase your fan speeds at the same time. Use this to monitor your temperatures.


    The 7 series are lovely for overclocking. I have a 7870 myself and am loving it. They do not heat up much and run very cool.

    Let me know if you need anything else. Cheers mate. :-)
  2. Thankyou!! thats just what i wanted to hear
    shoot me down if im wrong, but i read somewhere that the ASUS GPU tweak software can be downloaded for free and works on any GPU?
    also, how fast would i be able to go with that power supply?
  3. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=207_314&products_id=19608


    also, i plan on purchasing one of these two coolers before i overclock, just to be safe, its probablya waste of money, but in my eyes its well worth it
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