Need help in upgrading!

hello all,

I got this system at the moment.
My monitor's maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 on a 24".
and sometimes i plug it into my tv at 2500 x 1900 on a 70".

I am not interested in the core i5 or core i7 series unless the game cannot handle the resolution on 24" upto 720p is fine for me.

What should i upgrade and how much of a performance upgrade will i get? and keep the budget as min as possible.

Current Spec:

Dual Core 2.7 E5400
2gb corsair xms 2 @ 800
Intel DG33FB
MSI GTX 260 OC version
Cooler Master 600Watt Extreme PSU
500GB 7200Rpm 16mb Sata
Hyper N520

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    Are you having trouble with something in particular? If you're just gaming, I don't really see a big bottleneck. You could replace the GPU, but it would be a $300(HD 5850) to $650 (HD 5970) upgrade.

    You could as drop in a LGA775 quad core ($150-$350). That would help with computations (encoding and what not). Or you could stick in more RAM.

    That said, it's not worth the cost to upgrade if you're not having problems doing what you want to do right now. If it's not broken, don't fix it...
  2. This is what i was thinking!
    xfx gtx 260 core 216 OC or gtx275
  3. So I'm guessing you're gaming...

    I would get an HD 5850 (or 5870 if you want to stretch the budget) instead of the nVidia cards. These would be a lot more powerful and much more future proof.
  4. yeah..i was hoping nvidia would release a gt300 series card soon so that 5870's would drop down in the price......what gain would be on a 6gb ram with 64bit win7.??
  5. In gaming? Probably nothing. 4 GB is about the maximum needed for games.

    Fermi's still due out in March. I wouldn't expect a price drop though. Chances are that Fermi won't be as good...
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