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I just bought a new PC and am now using my old Dell Dimension 4550 as a backup. I do not do much with it other than internet and VOIP calls to France. My kids like to play games on it though and maybe watch movies as well. The only upgrades I have done is to add two 512 memory sticks and just today added Radeon S9250 512 video card. It appears if I update the BIOS (never done that, hope it's easy) I can replace the 512 sticks with 1gbs. Other than that, are there any cheap upgrades I can do? By the way, I had a guy wipe my hard drive clean and reinstall Windows about a year or so ago, which really helped to boot and run faster with fewer glitches. I am not the most savvy user so keep it simple if possible.
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  1. Alright. Link me to the support section on the dell site for your specific model.

    I'll let you know what might be a useful upgrade.

    Also, what games do your kids play? And do you watch blu-ray movies/HD or just dvd quality?
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