Blue screen of murder

So I built a new computer recently and everything's been running smoothly. It just fell asleep and when I woke it back up it was at a blue screen of death that said, "If you haven't seen this screen before, just restart your computer. If this screen pops up again follow the instructions...". Before I could continue reading it started booting up normal on its own and went to the boot mode because windows experienced an unexpected crash. I chose safe mode and everything loaded fine, so I restarted and everything's working fine. I'm not real worried about it, but I figured I should check it out anyway. I should probably see if my mobo is displaying an error code.

Any Ideas?

ASRock p55 extreme mobo
i5 2.66ghz
4 gb dd3
msi 1gb GTS 250
680 watt psu
Win 7 64 bit
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  1. Just checking:
    Is this windows 7 final version or are you on a beta version?
    Most likely it was the final version. This kind of thing happens fairly often; I personally have found that it is usually a power error. Power in the room goes out for a split second, plug comes loose, something of that sort. It could also spell a psu error but personally I believe that it was an isolated event and it's nothing to worry about. I know that there are a few programs that if left running while asleep can cause errors on wake up. For me sony vegas and pro tools 8.0.1 cause similar errors.
  2. There isn't much of a problem until you've seen it more than once.

    Most BSODs are caused by RAM issues, so if you're really worried, first double check that the RAM's settings are set to the manufacturer's specifications. Next go to, download the ISO file. Then burn it to a CD and boot from it. Let it run overnight to fully test the memory.
  3. It happened a second and third time in the last 36 hours. Anyway else have this problem? I guess I'll check the memory.
  4. Like MadAdmiral said, most BSOD's are RAM related. I would do all the things MadAdmiral suggested.

    It could also be related to your PSU. What PSU model do you have? I'm not aware of any quality units rated at 680W. A low-end PSU can cause all sorts of stability issues.

    Another thing to check is your idle and load CPU temps. A lot of people seem to have problems correctly installing the stock Intel HSF.
  5. idle: 29 degrees
    playing a graphic-intense game: 55-67 degrees

    my psu:

    I put on a different HSF. It was the same kind of push pin setup though. I'll check out the memory later when I have time.
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