My I5 3570k will not overclock

In my MSI GD65 Z77, i have no idea why but my "auto" isnt "[auto]" unchangeable in bios :(
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  1. Which Auto is this? You need to start by changing 'all core' first.
  2. alright ill give it a go.
  3. All cores is enabled and im talking about my Ratio is set to auto and i cannot change it nor can i change my voltage..
  4. fix thanks all... for people using the 3570k use the + / - buttons but seems non ivy bridge show a clickable X(x) feature..
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    you need to take it off auto, auto makes the cpu, ram and everything else tied to that clock overclock at the same time. if you take it off auto, you can overclock the cpu, and clock the ram back to stock speeds. also, there is sometimes a hidden feature to unlock the bios, usually by hitting enter/f1 you also need to up the violtage slightly to get a good overclock, and if your overclocking your ram, too, you will need to up the ram voltage and pklace a fan over your ram.
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