ASUS K8N-DL one long beep

I've got this rackmount pc with this mobo, I've bought it 2 years ago for a permanent videoinstallation.
I've installed Fedora 10 on it and everything worked fine for ages.
Now I've the pc back for maintenance because it's not booting anymore.
All it does is one long beep (2 second) and nothing is displayed on monitor.
I've taken all components away (RAM, graphic card, audio card, HDD, cdrom) trying to boot it once for every component I was taking, but nothing, always the same beep.
I've read the asus manual but there's no mention for this unique, long beep.
What should I do, or what should I understand from this beep?


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  1. refit cpu, make sure cpu fan is in the correct connector labeled CPU FAN.
    unplug keyboard and mouse then start up.
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