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So i thought my built in media card reader was bad because my pc would not power on if it was plugged in. I sent my power supply and media card reader in for warranty and the company sent me brand new ones fresh in packaging. I plugged in the brand new power supply and media card reader (to the power not to the usb on the mb) and nothing power'd on. If i unplug the media card reader from the psu, bam it power's on like nothing. What the heck? Two months ago this exact same model media card reader and this exact same psu worked great. Now i can't plug it into power or nothing powers on. And its not a defective product because both of these have been replaced with the same results. any ideas?
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  1. When i said in parenthesis (to the power not to the usb on the mb) i meant that the usb was plugged in and correct, but its the power connector that stops the pc from powering on. if the usb to the mb is plugged in but the power is not, it will still power on. Hope that makes sense
  2. We need to know all of the specs, including the model numbers.

    Right away, I would think that your PSU is a POS. Chances are it's not powerful enough to power the computer, and the card reader puts it over the edge.

    Other possibilities include a short in the wires or similar issues.
  3. ok here are the specs: Gigabyte ep-45 extreme mother board. intel quad core 2.66 processor. 8 gb ddr 2 ram. 4 500-gb seagate hard drives, 3 on raid 5, 1 for os drive. 2 LG DVD+RW burners. 1 ultra md2 5.25" 4 port media card/ usb card. 1 3.5' floppy. 1 512GB sapphire 4780 ati video card. power supply is an ultra lsp750 watt. case is a cooler master HAF 922M atx mid tower case.
  4. Also i forgot to mention that this media card reader worked great for about a year. i just recently started having issues and thats when i sent my psu and reader in for warranty. i have also tried unplugging all the hard drives, dvd drives, and everything except the media card reader to see if my psu wasn't beefy enough to run everything, and it didn't work. If i had my psu plugged into only my mb and this media card reader it would not power on.
  5. No idea then.
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