3.5" Media Card Readers in 5.25" Bays

I was about to order components for a new build when I realized the Antec 300 case I like doesn't have any 3.5" external bays for my media reader.

Wondering what the best / easiest / cheapest solution is...

Order a new card reader that fits 5.25"?
I searched a bit, but only found a couple of options, compared to dozens of the 3.5" versions.

Order an adapter w/ cover plate that lets me mount the 3.5" reader in 5.25" bay?
Looked for those too, but very few options.
But I suppose this is all I need:
Bytecc 5.25-3.5 adapter

I do care about looks, and would rather not have one oddball cheap looking piece on the front of my case. Antec website has a note to call customer service if you need to order their version of the 5.25 to 3.5" adapter. Would be nice to get the matching metal mesh look, but haven't called yet to see what that costs.

Any suggestions?
How do you guys handle installing card readers in your new builds without dedicated 3.5" externals bays?
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  1. Personally I don't use them. I've only recommended them to my friends when their cases front USB ports are broken as a way to get ports back to the front. Which has worked flawlessly everytime. Even this past weekend we got one that was for an optical bay. It was like $40 and the front was black. That was at Microcenter. It even had eSATA plugs.
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