Screen resolution keeps changing.

Hi my name is Diane and I have an Intel Core 2 Quad 4,000MB ram. Custom Brand. 2,600MHz speed processor,1,000GB Hard Drive , with Network and Sound Card . This computer is recently new, but the problem I have happened on my old computer too. My screen is a Benq, flat screen.
When I start up my computer it starts up in 8 bit colour, and has to be changed every time. When I go to various programs on my computer i.e. Yahoo Messenger, Incredimail etc., the colour resolution changes back to 8 bit again and I have to go back into control panel, display and resolution every time to change it back. This is getting very frustrating, it cannot be a hardware problem as I have changed computers and it is still happening.
Is there anybody out there who can help me please......................................................
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  1. What has not changed between this computer and your old one, your monitor? Perhaps it could be your graphics drivers or a computer virus.
  2. Hi Paperfox. Thanks for the reply, but I have already tried another monitor, changed the graphics card and the only thing I cannot find would be the virus. So am thinking I will have to find a program that can sus out the virus, All my antivirus programs cannot find one. Many thanks anyhow, I will just have to keep plodding till I find a cure. Di4u289.
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