Dell Optiplex gx620, RAM limits

I have a Dell Optiplex gx620 motherboard and have installed 8GB of RAM memory. From previous posts I see the limit for that motherboard is 4GB, but in BIOS it sees all 8GB. Will programs running on my XP computer use all 8GB?
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  1. The manual indeed says 4gig of ram. A bios update may have allowed it to see 8 gig, not sure. Anyhow, XP 32 bit will only see ~4gig of ram. You need a 64 bit OS to see more than 4 gig.
  2. Is seeing the same as using?

    For example, if I were to play a RAM intensive game, would it use only the 4gb seen by xp or the entire 8gb I physically have installed?

    Also, another follow up question that's probably stupid, will a OS upgrade to 7 allow programs to use all the RAM installed or is the limitation set by the motherboard?

  3. It will only use the 4 gig. As stated, you need a 64 bit OS to be able to use over 4 gig.
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