Performance / Space ratio of watercooling.

Hey there Tom's!

I'm going to be doing a new rig (well, re-doing my old rig in a new case) in a little while here. I'm aiming to get it into a Bitfenix Prodigy case - a mini ITX about the size of a micro ATX. Now, because of the way this thing is designed, there are two things to consider when cooling. 1) I have room for a Noctua -D14 if needed. I also have room for watercooling, but I don't know how much. (Real watercooling, not a closed loop.) 2) There will be intake holes for my GPU, which would basically have its own airflow coming directly from outside the case.

So this is my question. I could, stretching all things, get a 240mm rad for the CPU and a 200mm squared rad for the GPU. I don't know how much, if any, room I'd have for a reservoir. I might be able to hang one the size of an ATX power supply above the GPU, and do a cylinder (dual cylinder?) one behind the GPU rad... but it's still small compared to what an ATX case could handle.

My two-fold question is this:

Would I be able to physically fit everything I'd need inside the case, if it were stripped down all the way? I could even put the 240mm rad on the top of the case, but everything other than that has to be inside it - this is for LAN parties.

Even if I could, would it be worth it? With smaller rads and reservoirs, would it even be worth the money over a top-end air cooler? Would I even see the cooling gains over that case stuffed with fans?
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  1. ...Bump? :3

    I honestly don't know which would be most effective, given the space constraints, but I would imagine air cooling or a open loop... if it has enough room to work.

    What sort of radiator and reservoir would I need to cool an ivy bridge CPU and a single GPU?
  2. Which exact CPU+GPU!?
  3. amuffin said:
    Which exact CPU+GPU!?

    An i5-3570k and a GTX 670 reference. Sorry, I should have thought about the fact that that would matter. :P
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    360mm of rad space is all you should need.

    Go with a 240mm and a 120mm. :)

    The XSPC EX series of radiators is good, they're not too thick and offer decent performance.

    You technically don't even need a reservoir, but a good one for the Prodigy would be the Swiftech Microres 2.
  5. It's possible to do with that small amount of surface area? Hmm... And I had almost completely settled on air. Since it looks like this would be easy to do, though...
  6. yeah you only looking at 240-280 wats from that set up. you might not even need fans
  7. That... is very promising. I was expecting the need for quite a bit more cooling capacity. Thanks guys!
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