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I am working on upgrading my xps 410 (mostly because i cant overclock at all and its getting irritating) I have decided that the best course of action would be to change the case altogether, get a new Motherboard, and change the Power supply aswell. I want to keep the hard drive, the CPU, the RAM, and the Graphics card (the ram and graphisc card are after market, i already changed those). I realize that Dell has proprietary parts, but im wondering if the CPU itself is also proprietary, or if i can just switch out the cpu and put it into a non dell mobo and have it work ok. I am also hoping this will eliminate the overclocking issue since the new motherboard has overclocking features. ( believe the OC block is on the dell mobo and not the CPU). Anybody have any thoughts on this or any experience?
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  1. The cpu at the moment is an e6600, i do plan on replacing this, but for the moment i will keep it, and assuming the overclock block will be lifted, I will overclock the cpu to maybe a 3.0 for the time being, in a couple months when i get some more cash i will get an e8400 and i will officially be rid of all dell parts. (assuming this whole idea of the dell cpu working on the non dell mobo actually works)
  2. Yea, you can do it.
    What CPU is it?
  3. No, it is defintely not the same OS as it shipped with, I am running my own windows 7 installation, so i wont have any problems there, my main concern is just the CPU working with a new board.
  4. If you purchase a s775 mobo, (like a P45) the CPU will work just fine
    and be overclockable.
  5. Thank you all, ive found a nice GB board with OC features that supports up to 1333 FSB for around 60 bucks, and a new mid ATX case and a 550 W PSU for another 100 bucks....so for 160 bucks or so im going to de-dellify my dell...wish me luck
  6. sdwinder said:
    im going to de-dellify my dell...

    Never heard it put like that.
    It was over 3 years ago that I de-dellified my XPS 410.
    I was actually able to do some overclocking on it using Clockgen software, it just wasn't enough.
    Good luck with your new build :)
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