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Hello i over clocked my 6850 from 775 to 930 and 1000 mem clock to 1165, when i set the overclock i get artifacting for the first 20seconds or so and slight artifacting over the next 5min but after that it stops, i know this is aa slight sign of instability i havent messed with the voltage....but id like to increase it a little how do i do this? im useing trixx and my vddc or voltage is at 1150
- how much do i adjust the voltage at a time
-how do i check to see if its instable?
and just overall i have no idea what im doing so please add info to help thanks !!!
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  1. Bump please help
  2. I would recommend:

    First, back off your overclock! You are risking your hardware for the sake of a few FPS. Go back to default clocks, and increase by small increments, until you start to see artifacts again, and then back down two increments from that point. That is the point to run a longer test to confirm your overclock as stable.

    Then, if you want to see if you can go higher with increased voltage, use trixx and increase the voltage by the smallest available increment. Go back and increase your overclock two increments from where you found your stable overclock and see if you are now stable.

    You can repeat this a few times but watch your heat carefully, and remember that it's not only how hot the graphics card gets, it's also how much heat it dumps into your case and how much that heats up your other components.

    Good luck in your overclocking adventure. Remember, increase only in small increments and test frequently!
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