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i have an asus ws p6t6 revolution motherboard.I have two hard drives,and a ssd,also have 4 optical drives.My motherboard only has 4 sata there any kind of connector cable i could use to get them all hooked up??Any help would be appreciated,and also if there is any one near wilmington delaware that wants to earn some money to hook up the cables in my new build let me know.This is not a joke.I have almost everything done but i am a rookie so i dont wanna hook anything up wrong since i spent over $7,000 on this build.Thank you,SEAN
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    I am looking into the specs mentioned for the Asus P6T6 WS Revolution motherboard in the asus webite and it mentions 6 SATA ports..
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  3. thank you for help. I have everything hooked up except the power supply and opty drives,and hard drives.Basically cables and plugs.I have all manuals but i just dont trust myself.The power supply has so many cables.I have upgraded a Dell 2005 Media edition.I upgrases the gpu and the psu but this is way much.
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