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Since my last post have bought all the items listed below for my new build. Its been a while since I have done one of these. Some of the things are straight forward. He is my ststem. Thsn Ill throw a few questions.

MOBO- Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3p
PS- OCZ550FTY 550W
CPU- i5 750
RAM- 4GB Kingston 1333
CASE- Antec 300
OPTIC DRIVE-Sony Optiarc24x SATA
OS-Win 7 Pro 64 bit
VIDEO Card- Gigabyte 4670
HDD-Used spare 80GB Western Digital IDE

Now like I said , some of the hook ups are a no brainer.I am in the building stage at this time.
Question1- The MOBO has a the standard ATX 2x12 connector for power. That is staright forward, no brainer, must be hooked up. There is also CPU power connector that is ATX 2x4 , is it to also required when using the i5 750 cpu? The manual says to use this connector when using extreme core cpu's

Question 2- The are several fan headers on this MOBO, the case came with 4 fans installed, 2front (blow in), 1 rear (blows out), 1 side.
The connectors on the MOBO headers are different than the ones used on the fans. The fans appear to be using a standard IDE HDD power connectors with male/female confirguration for what appears to allow for daisy chaining. Since I am not a over clocker or gamer, then all 4 fans at this time are no use to me.
Is it ok to use a spare IDE power connector to run the fans? 1 front, 1 rear
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  1. Question 1: That's odd that it says that it's not required. I would connect it. I have never seen a system that doesn't have it connected even with low powered CPUs. Back to Pentuim 4 and up all have been connected. It won't hurt if you do but might if you don't. I highly reccomend you connect it. (Mine is)

    Question 2: Yes. I have 5 fans in my system 2 are connected to the motherboard and the other 3 are using the "Molex" or "IDE Power connector" as you called it.
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    Yes, the CPU power connector is absolutely necessary. If you read the manual again you will see that it just says you don't NEED all eight connectors plugged in, but you need at least four of the eight. If your PSU has an 8-pin ATX connector you should plug it in, there is no harm in it. That ATX 2x4 power connector provides power to the CPU. The computer doesn't have a chance of working without at least a 4-pin connector plugged into it.

    On page 22 of your manual it says:

    "Connect the power supply cable to the power connector in the correct orientation. The 12V power connector mainly supplies power to the CPU. If the 12V power connector is not connected, the computer will not start."

    It also says:

    "The power connectors are compatible with power supplies with 2x2 12V and 2x10 power connectors. When using a power supply providing a 2x4 12V and a 2x12 power connector, remove the protective covers from the 12V power connector and the main power connector on the motherboard. Do not insert the power supply cables into pins under the protective covers when using a power supply providing a 2x2 12V and a 2x10 power connector."

    That means exactly what I said above. If your PSU has a 2x4 12V connector, use it. If it just has a 2x2 12V connector, then you plug that into the top four pins of the connector also described with pictures on page 22.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I read exactly what u just quoted me out of the manual. I was just loking for some confirmation on the connectors since this my first new build in about 10 years.
    Again thanks for the confirmation.
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