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Antec 300 illusion

What kind of connectors does an Antec 300 Illusion use for its fans?
the 120mm rear fan, 2 120mm blue led fans in front, and the 140mm fan on top.
is it a molex connector, 3 pin, 4 pin, etc?
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  1. Molex. They have little switches that allow low-med-high speeds (or low-high for top). Really though you can leave them all on low and it will be silent and cool.
  2. so all of the fans are molex? not 3 pin right?
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    All of the included case fans are molex. None can be hooked into the MB (3 pin or 4 pin).
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  5. my 2 front 120mm led fans are molex and the rear 120mm and top 140mm led fan are 3pin in my case. the 120mm fans have H-M-L but the 140mm has only H-L.
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