XFX ATI Radeon 5850 XXX - 7359 Is this FurMark score ok for the 5850?

Hi all! I recently bought a new PC and I'm just testing out the different components. I was recommended to try FurMark to test my GPU so I did. I've updated to the latest ATI drivers (10.1) as well. I got 7359 for my score so is this considered fine for an XFX 5850 XXX (755/1125)? On a side note, I read on some place on the net that the memory clock is meant to be 4500 so am I missing out on something here or was that a typo?
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  1. Your score is fine, and the memory on your card is GDDR5 which means you (x) 1125 by 4 to get 4500. So your memory is also perfectly fine.
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