Overclocking a GT 430

So I will be getting a new card next month, probably a Radeon 7770. But for now I have a GT 430 ( It is a little nicer than other GT 430s. Until I get my new card, I want to overclock the GT 430. Is it safe to overclock with this low end of a card? If so, what are safe levels I could increase it to? It would only be OC'ed for a month until I return it to factory settings. I'm looking to get a frame rate increase with Sims 3, that is about it. Thanks

Note: I'd be overclocking using MSI afterburner.
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    It should be as safe as with higher-end cards. Just don't expect miracles in terms of performance. Just take it in small steps, running a stress test and checking for artifacting or excessive temperatures along the way.
  2. I'd increase fan speed if I needed to. My computer is loud already.
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