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Sorry for the confusing title. And I hope this is the best section for my question.

I built my first PC (HTPC) about 2 months ago. All went well and I am very happy. However I was on a budget and was collecting parts for about a year and when I finally got what I need to turn it on I never looked back. I had original ideas of loading my OS (Win7) and all applications on a boot disc. And I was hoping that disc would be a SSD. Well when the budget only allowed for what I had I went with the 1TB internal drive as my primary drive. I do have a older 320GB external that is still holding most of my media but I wish to start utilizing the internal drive for this. As the months when on I kept forgetting I need to go with my original idea.

Well now 2 months later I have many applications loaded on that drive as well as my OS.

If I were to buy a boot drive (SSD) I hope 64GB will be enough. As I am sure all of you know they are pricey! So can I migrate all my apps and OS (after I transfer all my media to a backup) to the SSD drive and still get my PC to work? Is a reformat inevitable?

What is my best, easy, least expensive route here?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Why do you even want an SSD on that?

    How big is the OS partition? If it's small enough, you can just copy the partition to it, put the win7 disc in and have it repair the booting. Then just reletter the drives as needed.
  2. SSD although pricey is the wave of the future. I want my HTPC to boot fast and load apps fast. This is the way to do it.

    As for my OS partition; this was my biggest boo boo, I never did a boot partition :non: I know, dumb!

    So I have came to the conclusion I may just need to reformat which MAY be a good thing since I may have corrupted some registry entries and I am having issues with NET Framework...or so I think.

    My concern at this point is all the programs I have loaded. Is there anyway to salvage these and there settings?
  3. Well you could run the windows easy transfer wizard. I found it pretty cool, but for third party programs it just goes "here's what you had, now go install it, I'll check stuff off the list as you go"

    Past that I don't know of anything. So I'm not sure quite how annoying it would be.

    I've found making partitions for specific things to be very useful. I used to use a 37 gig original raptor along with a 2x160 gig RAID 0 drive. I've since bought a 1 terabyte spinpoint F3. I literally just moved the XP and win7 partitions from the raptor then moved the games/data partition from the RAID, changed the drive letters around, and boom it was all working as it had always been, just with more space and faster. Pulled all those other drives out.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I learn so much as I go on. Of course of lot of what I learn is from forums and the rest is from my own mistakes. ;)
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